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Compression Stocking Aid, L - PAT-A75441
Homecraft Coiler Shoe Laces, Brown, Pair - PAT-AA4618C
Homecraft Dorking Stocking Aid, Side Slot, Retail Pack - PAT-AA4652Y
Homecraft Long Handled Brush - PAT-AA4714
Homecraft Sock Aid, Adult, 24" long, Wide Style - PAT-A7545
Sock Notch, Adult, Wide Style - PAT-A7546
Button Hook and Zip Puller - PAT-AA4673
Deluxe Dressing Stick, 66cm, Each - PAT-A6983
Etac Beauty Grooming Brush, 290mm - PAT-AA4720
Etac Beauty Grooming Brush, Long, 370mm - PAT-AA4721
Etac Beauty Grooming Comb, Long, 370mm - PAT-AA4723
Etac Socky Short Stocking Aid - PAT-AA4656
Etac Socky Support and Compression Stocking Aid - PAT-AA4662
Hands-Free Hair Dryer Pro Stand 2000 - PAT-6475
Homecraft Brevetti Sock and Stocking Aid - PAT-AA4666
Homecraft Dorking Tights Aid, Retail Pack - PAT-AA4654Y
Homecraft Dressing Stick, 520mm long - PAT-AA4680
Homecraft Kings Button Hook - PAT-AA4677
Homecraft Metal Shoehorn, with PVC Hand Grip, 600mm long, Retail Pack - PAT-AA4606Y
Homecraft Plastic Shoehorn, Retail Pack - PAT-091095157
Homecraft Terry Cloth Sock Aid, 230mm long - PAT-A7273
Supergrip Button Hook - PAT-A72051
The Dressing Solution, Combination Dressing Stick and Shoehorn, 26" long - PAT-2102
Therafin E-Z Slide Shoehorn, 61cm - PAT-A7152
Tylastic Shoelaces, 4.75mm x 61cm, Black, 3 Pair/pack - PAT-A77811
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