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High Back Chair, Mocha - ZHI-ZH032
Legrest Stool, Mocha - ZHI-ZHSTOOL-MOCHA
Security Home Bed Rail, Single, 30" - PAT-55006001
Standard Utility Chair, Mocha - ZHI-ZH026-MOCHA
AusCare Universal Bed Stick, 508mm High - COR-ADLBED70043
Back Rest - JAN-JMC-7000
Community Bed Pad, 70 x 85cm - PAT-AA2734
Days Comfort Chair - ANI-DAYCOMCA1
Days Overbed Pole - CZY-DAYOBPOLE
Days Overbed Table - JAN-758KD
Easyleaver Bed Rail, Handle height 470mm - PAT-AA3470
Homecraft Adjustable Bed Cradle - PAT-AA3652
Homecraft Bed Grab Rail, Handle height 850-950mm from floor - PAT-AA3475
Homecraft Rope Ladder Bed Hoist - PAT-AA3660
Homecraft Stackable Cone Bed Raisers, 14cm, Black, 4/pack - PAT-AA3302
Homecraft Stackable Cone Chair Raisers, 9cm, Black, 4/Retail pack - PAT-AA3300Y
Homecraft Wooden Bed Raisers, 13cm, 4/pack - PAT-AA3308
Homecraft Wooden Chair Raisers, 7.5cm, 4/pack - PAT-AA3306
Leg-X Adjustable Raisers, Height raise 75, 100 or 125mm, 4/pack - PAT-AA3320
Over Armchair Tilting Table, 109 x 41cm, with Side Table 20 x 20cm, Height Adjustable 75-91.5cm - HLC-758
Tilting Overbed Table, 61 x 40cm, Height Adjustable 61-91cm - HLC-751C
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